Before seeing Dr. Varveris, I had a large clinic primary care physician who I never actually saw for years because she was too busy to fit me in. Treatments were adequate but typical of today's assembly line medical practice. When I finally started going to Dr. Varveris, I felt like I had been getting medical care at a makeshift facility in a third world country previously by comparison. He asked a lot of questions and did a lot of tests which found problems that I never even knew were there. After "fixing" these problems, I feel and look so much younger and healthier than I have in years.

- Ashley W.

I was looking for a good doctor in Naples, and got a recommendation to Dr. Varveris. I can’t stop thanking the person who referred me! Dr. Varveris has excellent communication skills, and has taken a holistic approach to helping me improve my cardiovascular disease and lipid problems. I'm now actually off almost all of my blood pressure and cholesterol drugs, and everything looks great! I highly recommend Dr. Varveris to anyone looking for a doctor that emphasizes health and wellness who actually knows what he is taking about.

- Ken C.

Dr. Varveris is very thorough, that’s for sure! He’ll sit and go over your entire blood work report line by line, and explain it better than anyone! He specializes in nutritional and hormonal issues, and you can tell that’s his passion. I really like his style and his knowledge, and I am very glad he’s my doctor. I would HIGHLY recommend him!

- Don M. 

The whole office is very courteous and professional. Dr. Varveris is excellent and supportive - a breath of fresh air. I like the friendliness of the staff, the professionalism of Dr. Varveris, and the promptness with regard to communications. I really love the fact that a phone call is quickly replied after leaving a message.

- Sandy J.

Thank you, Dr. Varveris, for taking the time to answer my questions and get me on the road to better health. The blood tests that you did on me revealed so much about my health and, by knowing these results, has helped get me on the right supplements that have corrected the problems. It’s wonderful to feel healthy and great again!

- Missy O.

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