A New Approach to Concierge Medicine



  • Detailed Annual Health Assessment

  • Combination of traditional internal medicine as well as advanced anti-aging, regenerative & functional medicine 

  • Enhanced appointment availability (usually the same business day, but no later than the next business day)

  • Personal appointment reminders

  • Reduced wait time 

  • Appointment time with Dr. Varveris of up to 45-60 minutes

  • Telephone access to Dr. Varveris during business hours for NON-EMERGENT issues

  • Telephone access to Dr. Varveris after business hours for NON-EMERGENT issues

  • Option for special, scheduled appointments with Dr. Varveris after business hours for NON-EMERGENT issues

  • Additional services covered by a yearly retainer fee

  • Otherwise, routine office visits and other covered services submitted to your insurance carrier

       THE RIGHT KIND          OF DOCTOR-PATIENT            RELATIONSHIP        

Specialized Concierge Medical Practice in Naples, FL

Michael P. Varveris, M.D. of Naples, FL offers a specialized concierge medical practice which combines traditional internal medicine with advanced anti-aging, regenerative & functional medicine to MAKE YOUR BODY GREAT AGAIN.


Concierge medical care entails a highly personalized health assessment and management program with enhanced access to your physician. It is really just a new name for an age-old concept - a classical doctor-patient relationship built on mutual respect and trust. 

In a time where private insurance companies and Medicare are intruding themselves into the exam room in every way imaginable, concierge medicine allows the physician and patient to form a team and handle the patient's medical problems in the most independent and private way possible.

Dr. Varveris limits his practice to about ten percent the number of patients of other primary care physicians. This results in thoughtful and in-depth doctor-patient interactions where time constraints, over-booked scheduling, and "filled-to-the-brim" waiting rooms are a thing of the past.

What sets this practice apart from most other concierge medical practices is the fact that Dr. Varveris is Board-Certified in both Internal Medicine as well as Anti-Aging, Functional & Regenerative Medicine. Your medical problems will not just be diagnosed and treated; they will also be prevented and reversed.

Dr. Varveris is devoted to forming and nourishing a lifelong relationship with you that goes far beyond the typical 5-10 minute superficial doctor-patient interaction. He views your health and wellness goals as his very own, further motivating him to deliver incredible service and generate impressive, lasting results.

Many medical practices currently make up for reduced Medicare and insurance reimbursement by seeing more patients, spending less time with those patients, and/or having physician assistants or nurse practitioners see the patients rather than an actual medical doctor. Dr. Varveris does not consider any of those to be ethical options and will not compromise on his level of care. All our patients have exclusive appointment time with Dr. Varveris during which they receive individualized care tailored to their own health needs.

We are quite confident that you will realize you made the right decision after your very first visit. At the end of the day, what is your health, vitality, and wellness worth?

Michael P. Varveris, M.D.

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Naples, FL 34119

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