It's More Than A Diet

It's A Way of Life

Struggling to see results with the latest "fad diet"? Dr. Varveris has the answer... and it starts with throwing away the "diet" entirely! Dr. Varveris works closely with each patient to design a unique eating and supplement plan that achieves the individual's health and weight goals while complimenting their lifestyle.

Nutrition & Weight Loss Counseling in Naples, FL

Dr. Varveris pulls from your "Cellular Code" - a set of biochemical and metabolic parameters specific to YOU - to construct a realistic nutrition plan that best suits your health needs and overall lifestyle; modifying important aspects of your food and supplement choices to better align them with your unique and complex physiology.


The Cellular Code Nutrition (CCN) is a common-sense eating and supplement plan focusing on whole-foods (such as animal protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, and healthy fats) while avoiding high allergen and high glycemic index foods; and adding selective and targeted vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids. 

GOALS of the CCN

  • Decrease Inflammatory Belly Fat

  • Enhance Energy and Stamina 

  • Explore Food Intolerances

  • Improve Mood

  • Promote Lasting Weight Loss

  • Restore Intestinal Health



Dr. Varveris works with his patients to "map out" their food compatibilities. This allows him to pinpoint those food types that compliment the body's natural systems, and those that do not. When a food is incompatible, it can lead to over-stimulation of the immune system and thus promote inflammation, the underlying culprit in most modern diseases. Understanding that making permanent dietary changes can be challenging and overwhelming. Dr. Varveris is committed to your success and will assist you every step of the way. Going beyond simply telling you what and what not to eat, he will show you how to make those right food and lifestyle decisions that will favorably affect your health. 

In addition, Dr. Varveris will search for any specific micronutrient deficiencies from which you may be suffering. There are three main reasons micronutrients may be lacking: 1) insufficient intake; 2) impaired intestinal absorption; and 3) cellular or metabolic over-utilization or wasting. Understanding the root cause of micronutrient deficiencies and thereby corrrecting them can be very helpful in restoring health, and preventing future disorder or disease.


For Rapid Weight Loss

For those individuals who need more intense assistance in losing weight than just reformatting their eating, activity, and exercise habits, Dr. Varveris offers a modern interpretation of the HCG Diet used initially in the 1940's. 

A low-calorie diet focusing on lean protein and vegetables is combined with two to six week blocks of daily HCG injections. The goal is steady weight reduction of up to five pounds per week. 

These HCG injections are safe and effective in: 1) reducing appetite; 2) enhancing removal of energy from stored fat reserves; and 3) maintaining lean body mass which usually drops during other low-calorie diets. This drop in lean body mass is what is primarily responsible for most people failing their weight loss plans in the long-run. 

Following maximal weight reduction using Dr. Varveris' modern HCG Diet, you will be transitioned to a maintenance program focused on proper Cellular Code Nutrition principles.

Dr. Varveris Can Determine
The Nutrition Plan That Will Best Achieve Your Health and Wellness Goals.
Let Him Discover Yours!

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