Growing Younger Is Not Science 


Getting your sex and growth hormone levels in balance is one of the most important ways of ensuring healthful aging and preventing many otherwise uneccessary disorders and diseases.

Sex Hormone Replacement & Growth Hormone Therapy

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Testosterone is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of every cell in a man's (and woman's) body. Unfortunately, testosterone levels have been declining in men, including those even in their thirties, over the past several decades. This process has been referred to as andropause, and seems to be due primarily to stress as well as toxicity. Dr. Varveris will determine if your testosterone level is suboptimal and, if so, will work to identify the underlying cause and to normalize it in the most safe, natural and effective way possible. Optimizing testosterone combined with a good nutrition and exercise plan (possibly including Emsculpt muscle building and body sculpting treatments) is crucial for keeping yourself more youthful, strong and active in the coming years and decades. 

Pre-, Peri- and Post-Menopause

Estradiol and progesterone (and testosterone to a lesser extent) are responsible for keeping the cells of women healthy and youthful. Although menopause reaches its climax in most women between the ages of 48 and 52, it actually begins in the early thirties with a decrease in progesterone. This process is referred to as pre-menopause which later transitions into peri-menopause. It is a proven fact that many disorders and diseases (dementia, heart attacks, obesity, osteoporosis, strokes, etc.) begin to develop with menopause. It is also primarily responsible for most of the unsightly changes that occur to a woman's skin, hair, nails, and lean body mass during the aging process. 

Growth Hormone

Both men and women over the age of fifty can develop growth hormone deficiency. This may lead to issues with energy, hair, lean body mass, nails, and skin as well as many metabolic disorders. There are multiple safe and effective ways that Dr. Varveris has to choose from to correct a problem in this area. 

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