Michael P. Varveris, M.D. of Naples, FL strives to MAKE YOUR BODY GREAT AGAIN.

Having a unique approach to concierge medicine care by combining traditional internal medicine with advanced anti-aging and regenerative medicine, as well as offering cutting-edge technologies such as Emsculpt, Dr. Varveris not only manages your current symptoms and illnesses but also works to find the root cause of your health problems. His preventative method is focused on regaining and maintaining optimal wellness, vitality, and quality of life as well as preventing future diseases associated with the aging process. Patients in Dr. Varveris' concierge medicine program feel at ease knowing they have easy access to him and his expertise.

Dr. Varveris understands the importance of in-depth doctor-patient interactions with concierge medicine. Office visits tend to last 30-60 minutes rather than the typical 5-15 minutes.

Dr. Varveris is one of the first medical doctors in Naples, FL, to offer the advanced fat-burning and muscle-building procedure Emsculpt. He has been impressed with the results from Emsculpt in his patients of all ages and encourages everyone who wants to build muscle and burn fat to try Emsculpt. Emsculpt is noninvasive and should be added to existing nutrition and exercising regimens for optimal results. You will quickly notice results from Emsculpt's high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy. Did we mention Emscult has no recovery time? Emsculpt is sure to become your favorite new, easy workout buddy! Dr. Varveris provides more in-depth results from Emsculpt than the typical "medical spa" since he incorporates it into his overall anti-aging approach. If you have any questions about Emsculpt or how we combine it with our other anti-aging medicine services, please give Dr. Varveris a call.

Dr. Varveris provides each patient with a complete highly-personalized health care program. As a concierge medicine patient of Dr. Varveris, you can feel relaxed and confident knowing your doctor's main goal is to help create a better, stronger, and healthier you - the ELITE YOU that you deserve to be. Learn more about Emsculpt and our other services below.

Concierge Medicine, Internal Medicine & Anti-Aging Medicine Services in Naples, FL


Anti-Aging, Regenerative & Functional Medicine

Internal Medicine

  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Adult Medical Problems

  • Nasal/Sinus Disorder Evaluation and Treatment

  • Removal of Many Benign and Malignant Skin Lesions

  • Cancer Screening Protocols 

  • Osteoporosis Screening and Treatment 

  • Vascular Disease Screening and Treatment

    • Abdominal aortic aneurysm

    • Elevated blood cholesterol

    • Elevated blood pressure

    • Elevated blood sugar

    • Elevated blood triglycerides 

    • Heart attack

    • Stroke



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